Food Safety Tips for School Canteens

What can I do to minimise risk?

Wash all fruit and vegetables with cool tap water immediately before eating. Do not use soap water or detergent as this can affect the taste.

Scrub fruit and vegetables with hard surfaces (such as rock melons, oranges, potatoes and carrots) with a clean produce brush. Cut away bruised or damaged areas before eating.

How should I prepare my fruit and vegetables?

Cut away damaged or bruised areas on fresh fruit and vegetables, as bacteria can grow in these areas. Clean the knife when finished to avoid contaminating other food.

Use clean cutting boards and utensils when handling fresh fruit and vegetables to avoid cross contamination. Where possible, use a clean cutting board for fresh produce and a separate board for raw meat, poultry and seafood.
Be sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling fresh fruit and vegetables. Thoroughly wash all equipment and avoid using sponges or dish clothes as these are difficult to keep clean and may help spread bacteria.

Please Note: The information above has been provided by the NSW Food Authority, for further information on food safety or to download the "Safe Handling – fresh fruit & vegetables” fact sheet please visit

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